In 2020, an alliance has been established between the Tierra Mágica Agroindustrial Group and the Phynatura Civil Association for the sustainable production of Tonka Bean (Dipteryx punctata, Diprerix odorata), in the Venezuelan Guayana region, articulating the private company with the communities of collectors, to comply with the principles of sustainable development: social equity, economic profitability and ecological conservation.

The project is based on respect for the territoriality, tradition and culture of indigenous, peasant and Afro-descendant peoples and communities, implementing conservation agreements that consist of conservation actions in favor of biodiversity, while at the same time taking sustainable advantage of non-timber forest products and establishing shared value chains with recognition of the origin of the products.

The aim is to ensure the sustainability of the forest’s natural resources, protecting them from pressures due to threats from the expansion of the agricultural frontier, illegal timber extraction, illegal hunting and mining, as well as from the extraction of non-timber forest products, when this is not done with criteria for the conservation of the species of economic interest.

The aim is to achieve community self-management of sustainable production of tonka bean (Sarrapia in Venezuela), under the standards of the Union for Ethical BioTrade, in order to access exclusive markets worldwide where these standards are required as a guarantee of sustainability.

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